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Virtual Graduate Seminar on Holocaust Geographies

From January 2019 to January 2022, Anne Kelly Knowles has led a monthly graduate seminar exploring themes and methods for studying the Holocaust and other complex historical phenomena from a spatial perspective. Membership in this international seminar is free and open to anyone interested in applying geographical questions and spatial methods to historical research, not limited to the Holocaust. -- it only requires a willingness to contribute ideas and support fellow researchers as we learn from one another. 

Topics in past seminars have included historical database design, representing movement, mapping sites, regression analysis of Kristallnacht, soundscapes of the Holocaust, fieldwork, mapping memorials, and writing across geographical scales.

This seminar is currently on hold. For more information, please contact Anne Knowles and assistant seminar organizer Daan de Leeuw (anne.knowles@maine.edu; ddeleeuw@clarku.edu).

Seminar participants:

  • Laura Auketayava, Ph.D Student, History, American University. CV.
  • Susan Grunewald, Digital History Postdoctoral Associate, World History Center, University of Pittsburgh. CV.
  • Maël Le Noc, Ph.D Student, Geography, Texas State University. CV.
  • Daan de Leeuw, Ph.D Student, Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University. CV.
  • Alexis M. Lerner, Presidential Data Postdoctoral Fellow, Western University (Canada) CV and Website.


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